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The International Network of the Portuguese Construction Companies gathers all the construction sector in a unique collective brand – Global Portuguese Construction.

We cover all the Construction and Real Estate Sector, namely: a) the industry and building materials; b) design, construction and maintenance; c) buildings and infrastructure trading as well as directly related services.

The Portuguese Companies with its prestige and experience have conquer an important position at a global scale since they are prepared to all kind of requests.

Find here the ideal partner to plan, implement and monitor your projects.

Develop your company in Construction and Real Estate foreign markets.

Global Portuguese Construction

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Institutional Presentation

Quality, tradition, innovation

Get to know Portuguese Construction better, consulting our institutional presentations.

Institutional Video

Use this tool if you intend to do a more visual and dynamic presentation.

It will allow to give more credibility and projection to the sector and at the same time support the establishment of commercial contacts by the GPC members. This presentation will have two approaches that can be used according to each member reality. A global one that will integrate all the areas within the sector. And another one, by sector, giving the members the opportunity to choose their area of expertise.

Activities GPC – global Portuguese Construction

The Project

International Portuguese Construction Network is a project promoted by AICCOPN-Associação dos Industriais da Construção Civil e Obras Públicas, with the support of Compete 2020, aims to qualify Portuguese construction companies for internationalization through access and sharing of market knowledge, promotion of Portuguese companies, the creation of a support network abroad and the affirmation of a collective brand: GPC – Global Portuguese Construction.


AICCOPN – Association of Civil Construction and Public Works Industrialists, promoter of the Portuguese Construction Sector International Network Project, was founded in 1892, and has its headquarters in Oporto. It is the largest business association in Portugal, and takes the promotion of activities of Construction and Real Estate sector in different countries, based on the brand – Global Portuguese Construction (GPC).